Our Products

Our Products

Creating new, efficient pathways for businesses

Smart platforms (License free applications)

We create smart platforms, which are license-free applications that you can use, to enable the clients to use SAP features in a limited way via the cloud or mobile applications. These can either be standalone or integrated with SAP Business One as required.

Stand-alone business applications

We create stand-alone applications for customers for various functions, including generating business transactions that happen via SAP Business One/generating reports to communicate over credit/under credit utilization via SAP Business One/creating an app to communicate with clients via SMS.

Quality check and Gate Entry integrated with SAP
Business One

Another useful add-on we offer to our
SAP Business One clients helps maintain
quality standards and keep a tab on
quality checks, along with tracking any
and all vehicles leaving and entering
the premises.

GST Integration with
Business One

Generate invoices & bills online without doing the extra work to add GST. This SAP Business One add-on allows you to verify GST numbers for your clients, vendors, etc.

Customized portal connected with Business One

Keep all your client data in one place with our customized CRM portal. Our portal allows you to access relevant data from SAP Business One without logging into it.

Distillery, Pharma, and Dairy add-on

For these industries, we can help create an add-on to SAP Business One allowing users to manage internal company functions effortlessly.

Cylinder and Freight Management Vertical in SAP Business One

This industry-specific add-on for SAP Business One allows clients to manage logistics, including pricing, routes, the weight of freight, etc.

BPA Platforms

Business Process Automation Platforms
are easy to integrate all your processes
and automate them to ensure efficiency. This platform is particularly helpful for
repetitive processes.

Auto email/SMS through SAP Business One

When you use SAP Business One for your
business, we can help create an add-on
that allows you to automatically
communicate with your clients via
SMS or Emails regularly.

Jobwork with SAP Business One

This SAP add-on helps companies keep track of various aspects of job work, including assigning work, materials used, date of completion, etc.

E-commerce integration

We offer clients the option of e-commerce integration into SAP Business One which is based on their requirements.

Retail add-on

For retail facing companies, we offer our retail add-on to help manage inventory, supply chain, marketing, and logistics in the company.

Bank Link for Host-to-Host payments with Business One

An incredibly helpful feature, this SAP Business One add-on is aimed at companies making large transactions on a regular basis. We can help integrate the payment gateway into SAP Business One for ease of use.

CRM (Limited to SAP Business One)

SAP Business One allows us to help you create a CRM module that helps you keep track of client data without the use of any external applications. Create a one-stop solution to ensure your client data remains secure and in one place